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PRODUCERS for Twisted Cork Bistro

Trident Seafoods

Seattle's Trident Seafood provides our wild Sockeye Salmon & wild Halibut. They have seafood processors located in the gulf of Alaska, positioned to off load fisherman's catches. The boats make the transfer of seafood in the gulf, which Trident then cleans and freezes. Many times the fish is caught in the morning, offloaded and processed on the same day! The frozen product is sent to Seattle for packaging and distributed to us from Sysco-Lincoln.

Hollenbeck farms

Cattle bred, fed and raised on a family farm, established in Elmwood, Nebraska in 1901.  J.R. & Marcy's cattle are free-range grazed on a vegetarian diet without the use of growth-stimulating hormones to artificially speed up the growth process.  Hollenbeck farm's cattle are on their pastures and finished on a diet of grains, alfalfa & grass hay.  Our current menu features their steaks and our special Bistro burger blend.


After learning the trade in Montreal and Paris, John Quiring came back to Lincoln, Nebraska to start Le Quartier Baking Company in March 2006. The business began slowly by selling to local restaurants but soon grew with the start of the summer farmers markets and a few local grocery stores. Joined by John's brother Seth, Le Quartier opened its first retail storefront in late December 2006.  Their latest venture is located in Dundee. We are using their brioche, herb ciabatta, rye loaf and pretzel roll.

Absolutely Fresh

In 1979, Greg Lindberg started driving fresh shrimp and oysters from New Orleans to Omaha in a refrigerated truck and selling it on the corner of 70th and Dodge. Their customers came up with the name of the company. When asked if the shrimp was fresh, Greg started answering, "It's ABSOLUTELY FRESH!" After a couple months of this, he painted it on some signs for their truck sales, then on the truck itself. We have featured their wild seafood in season, including Yellowfin Ahi, Mussels, Halibut, Petrale Sole, Gulf Shrimp and Sea Scallops.

NEBRASKA friends Artisan Cheeses-Branched Oak farm, Dutch Girl Creamery and Farmstead First, Free Range Chicken-Plum Creek farm, Natural Pork-Truebridge foods, ConAgra foods, Greenberg Fruits, Herman Nut House,

WASHINGTON friends Seattle Best Coffee, Starbucks, Salt Works,

NATURAL friends Bubbies Pickles/Sauerkraut, Ghirardelli Chocolates, Tillamook aged White Cheddar,


10730 Pacific Street, Omaha

(402) 932-1300